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Tuesday, 07-08-2018

This morning I was up again around 6 am. At my leisure I had breakfast and packed. Around a quarter to nine I drove away from the campsite. It was already getting warm and it certainly has been today. So warm that in the afternoon I had a cool break every ten kilometers at a spot in the shade.

From Tiendeveen I drove to Meppel via the outside of Hoogeveen. Direction, because I have never been there. I did my shopping in Ruinen. Outside of Meppel I drove to Nijeveen. The recumbent bike manufacturer Nasca is located there. It was not officially open. When the owner came out we still talked.

I also visited the Reformed Church in Nijeveen. A beautiful church. The church steward was painting the gate and opened the door for me and told something about the church. I looked around and he left the keys on the door. After I closed the church again, I started to bring the keys and we talked about the together-on-road process. In Nijeveen that is by no means complete. There too there is an emptying of the church.

After Nijeveen the rest of the peat area came with Kolderveen and Wanneperveen. That's how I ended up in the Wieden. Lots of sunshine, lots of open, lots of heat, little shade.

I struggled on in the heat. Eventually I arrived in the Noordoostpolder.

I stopped in the woods in front of Kraggenburg; I could not resist the temptation of the thick ripe blackberries. I have picked and eaten delicious blackberries This is how you get your fruit.

I ended up at the campsite early. While I put my head under the tap in the toilet building a cyclist just arrived did it outside. He also suffered from the heat. We chose the same field in the shade.

Later a cyclist came to stand there. About the same ages, same hobby and willing to learn from each other. So nice conversations.

To cool my beer down a bit, I had brought a bucket of cold water to the toilet building. The lady came from Helmond and missed her Bavaria beer. I gave her a can of mine, because I didn't drink three cans empty.

The two others were already in at a quarter past eight. Too early for me.

After showering and eating, I did a repair on my recumbent bike. In my earlier fall, the chain had landed on the wrong side of the guided roll. That explained at least part of the resistance I had encountered.