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Thursday, 09-08-2018

This morning I left early for Dronten.

After a successful journey, I arrived at Velomobiel.nl. I loaded the luggage into the boot of the car, made a brief use of the toilet, made a chat and then drove home.

Around two o'clock I was home again

I unpacked my bags, sorted things and cleared them up. I hung wet things to dry.

I will set up my tent to dry tomorrow ...

 I am happy to be home again, but I can also look back on another nice trip. Despite the constant headwind and the great heat during cycling, still a nice trip.

That I broke off the trip earlier than planned is a pity on the one hand but wise on the other.

Now it was good that I was in the Netherlands.

Next year, because of the falling, I will take a recumbent trike (tricycle)