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At one of the open days of the Zeeland Archives there was a lecture about Zeeland Flanders during the First World War. In that lecture there was told about the Dead Wire. This is a piece from our shared history that we have lost a bit. This is also because the Netherlands was neutral and the Death Wire was on occupied Belgian territory. Intended to keep deserters, fleeing Russian prisoners of war and Belgian young men in the occupied part of Belgium.

In 2018 it was 100 years ago that the First World War ended. When commemorating the "Great War", the memories of the border region also came back. In many places reconstructions of the Dead Wire have been made and monuments erected. At the beginning of 2019, the route booklet describing the route past these "Great War" monuments became available on the market. The route itself could already be found on the internet.

Together with Ernst I started cycling the route; from border post 1 to border post 369, along as many of the monuments and reconstructions as possible.

To get to border post 1, the start of the route, it was first necessary to cycle …… ..