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Tuesday 06-08-2019

This morning Ernst and I left around half past eight. Our first stop was just before Nisse. Just stretch your legs and use plumbing (tree).

Then we had coffee in "sGravenpolder coffee at" my "powdercoat company, Pluscoat. Adwin could also see the result of the powder coating. Until now he had only seen the recumbent bicycles that I have fixed on as separate parts. He found both bikes very beautiful. Both my trike and Ernst's bike were again powder-coated in parts.

We explained what our plan for this bike tour was and that the actual route would only start at the three-country point. He and his son said that they had also cycled up the Vaalserberg in the weeks before our visit. His son had made it up in one go, but not Adwin.

After the stop in "Gravenpolder, we stopped on the east side of the former ferry port of Kruiningen to sit down and have something to eat.

So there is always a reason for a discussion with the recumbents as a reason: even now there was a couple who wanted to know whether cycling on a recumbent bike was really nice.

The next stop was in Rilland to do some shopping. On the way to the Spar we passed Hof Maire, a campsite with family history.

Then came the surprise of the Zoomland. From the flat polder you suddenly come across the edge of Brabant, where it looks very foreign; the hilly landscape and a winding road into a large dark forest.

Then it was just a short bike ride to the Wouwseplantage. When we arrived at the campsite we searched for a place and set up the tents.

When we wanted to put the bikes together, we discovered that Ernst's rear fender had completely torn his bike. Tribute to the inventor of the Tyraps ™. With some tools and two tyraps, the fender was "firmly" attached again. (It was so good that it is still so stuck a few months after returning)

We had to shower and do the laundry. Then we sat comfortably in the shade and had the noise of a cycling race in the background. We "prepared" adventure food and went to bed on time.

We hoped that the noise of the party would not keep us awake too long.