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Wednesday 7-8-2019

Today, despite a short noisy night, we woke up early. The DJ of the village party managed to last until 1 am. Then people came very cheerfully back to the campsite.

Despite a crazy start, we left around half past eight.

Along the way we stopped a number of times. In Zundert we have taken a cup of coffee with a point cake. It turned out that Zundert was the birth village of Vincent van Gogh. Here and there were texts from letters that he had sent to his brother Theo.

We also looked forward to the "Croma-butcher" ("I am a butcher in Zundert and I recommend Croma because it ..."). Unfortunately we missed it.

In the meantime, the route also swept through Belgium. We have come through Meer which I already know we will see more of on the way back. We also passed through the town of Weelde. It lies on the border with the Netherlands on the former railway line from Tilburg to Turnhout. But all the wealth comes to an end.

In Blade we did some shopping and sat down.

The last step for the campsite was in Bergeijk at the Bax camping market. Our arch canopy comes from there. We need a few special parts for the awning of the caravan and we could buy it right there.

Then we drove to the campsite just outside Bergeijk. We have set up our tents in the shade and have showered again.

While I was typing this report, our food was being cooked. Ernst ate pasta with nuts; i ate pasta al salmonella.

The laundry is hanging, we are relaxed, the cans of Bavaria are cooling down under the tent. Life is beautiful after 87.8 km of cycling