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Thursday 8-8-2019

Ernst and I were up on time and were quick with breakfast. We still cooked fresh eggs at breakfast. Fresh from the chicken. At breakfast we each ate one and we kept one for lunch.

Around a quarter to nine we drove off the campsite. Via a number of beautiful paths and roads we arrived in Belgium at the Bocholt-Herentals canal. We spent most of the day driving along the towpaths of the canal.

Only at Lanklaar did that go wrong; a diversion that ended in a vacuum, which is Belgium's own. With a lot of searching and trying, we came back on the towpath.

We only left the towpath at Maasmechelen and drove towards the Grensmaas. At Uikhoven we crossed the Grens Maas with a bicycle-foot ferry.

We then passed the Juliana canal at Bunde and we came close to Maastricht.

In the meantime we had climbed from 30 meters to 60 meters. Before we started the last kilometer, we paused.

Then we really had to climb: onto the Margraten plateau. We climbed from 60 to 130 meters in no time.

With ups and downs, literally, we have now climbed to 180 meters. The last 5 km of today were the slowest. We therefore arrived at the campsite at half past five.

At the campsite we were initially allowed to pitch our tents on a terrace. I did not agree with that. Between two places there was still room for us and, in consultation with the mutual neighbors, we were allowed to stand there.

After the usual rituals (putting up the tent, doing the shower and doing the laundry), we decided to go outside for a fries. At our leisure we walked to the village to visit the local snack bar.

After dinner we sat down for a while.