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Friday 9-09-2 019

This morning we got up quietly because we thought we would have a short smooth day. That was disappointing afterwards.

After breakfast and packing we first drove to the American War Cemetery. We looked around at our leisure.

Then we drove back to Margraten. From there it was easy to Gulpen; downhill.

In Gulpen we did some shopping and we sat down at the Gulp.

From there we drove to beautiful and steep roads to Vaals. On the way it started to rain. In the rain we climbed to the Drielandenpunt. A pity, because then you enjoy less of all the beautiful views.

At the three-country point we looked around and bought tickets.

Did you think you were high, at 327.5 meters, but the route we follow meant that we first had to go further up. We drove up through a thick forest and finally reached 354 meters. Then we went down through the varied forest.

Arriving below we visited the former free state of Moresnet and viewed the railway viaduct.

The road went up and down again with sometimes very steep climbs. Not nice for a heavily packed cyclist. Sometimes it rained so hard that we could barely see anything of the landscape.

Finally we arrived at the campsite in the last splashes of rain.

It was now 7.30 pm. We were allowed to use some drying racks in a room that was under construction. We sat there until it became dry. We first went to dinner and only then did we set up the tents.

 We set up the tents in the semi-darkness. After showering and doing the laundry we hung out as many things as possible in the room where we had eaten.

We stayed in the shade for a while and enjoyed the starry sky.