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Sunday, 11-08-2019

My alarm clock didn't ring this morning. That is why we started too late. Nevertheless, we had a quiet breakfast and cleaned up at ease. We left around nine

The route went past Eijsden. We stopped at the castle of Eijsden and, as far as it was accessible, looked around.

Upon departure, my right front tire appeared to be flat. Then you have to unscrew the wheel and remove it from the axle, and then you can replace the inner tube. Two thorns appeared to have gone through the tire.

After everything was put together again we could continue to the ferry.

That was a small boat with narrow walkways to it, this was a bit of work and aim with the trike!

On the other hand, the lifting was blown. We had to go through a village and then up to the Albert Canal. On the slope to the top we heard again, with my bike, a kind of bang and hiss. Not a flat tire again? Luckily not! The tube of my air horn was pulled through the chain and pulled loose. Quickly recover and inflate. Fortunately the horn worked again!

We cycled further along the Albert canal. We were able to make rapid progress on the towpath. Finally we got along a bit.

In Smeermaas we were able to shop at the Carrefour. We had forgotten that it was Sunday and that not much was open.

When we drove back on the towpaths we finally made the first 25 km. In the meantime it was running against us, and we had lunch once. We also called home; Liesbeth and Pa S had gone to church in the morning and would eat at our home.

After lunch we went for it.

Along the way we saw the monument for the last victim of the death line. After that it was time to make meters again.

Just before Haler we passed the reconstruction of a piece of the dead wire. There was a border gate with guardhouse, pieces of wire and a switching station.

Then we were quickly at the campsite. We arrived there around six o'clock. Camp made quickly again!