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Monday, 12-08-2019

Our mutual neighbors had a great time together until very late. Their children also managed to appeal to them well. Even though we were in it around ten, we slept very late. Strangely enough, Ernst and I had a hard time not making too much noise so early.

Around nine o'clock we left the campsite. In the beginning the route went past not many interesting places, until we arrived at some bird breeding center. We stood there looking at not very Dutch birds.

We came to Hamont past the Reuzel snack factory. Fat bite so ..!

In Hamont we crossed the "Iron Rhine". Until Hamont this is in use. It officially goes on to Germany and then, among other things, also passes Budel Schoot. We watched the railway line for a moment and, I told Ernst about what happened on the yard in one of the last months of the war.

Just outside Hamont we came across a border post of the Baronie Cranendonck. I had made the route in such a way that we passed the monument of a plane crash in May 1944.

Afterwards we cycled past two more reconstructions of the Dead Wire.

Then we headed for Achelse Kluis. We looked around the store at our leisure, and I bought a Christmas stall for Liesbeth.

All in all, we did not get along because of all the stops. At a certain moment Ernst got a weak bond. In Schaft we pumped these well once and we ate immediately. When we were a bit further, the tire turned out to be flat. We have replaced the inner tube.

With the hard band we were able to make pace again.

It started to get more and more involved, and when we got to Bergeijk, it started to look really dark. We then decided to go to the Haike campsite again; I immediately called and it was no problem.

When we arrived, we had quickly set up and furnished the tents. Then the storm started!

That evening I contacted the campsites via email and telephone that would all be visited a day later. None of these had problems with it.

We have dinner in the bicycle shed or evening. eaten communal area. Nathalie, the camping lady, provided hot water. So we didn't even have to use the burner.

At a certain moment Ernst switched on the TV and we watched "We are almost there".

I knew that Liesbeth would watch that too.

After the program we were quickly in bed. During the night it still rained a lot.