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Tuesday, 13-08-2019

This morning we were not in a hurry to get up. It was fresh after all those showers.

We only left the campsite around half past nine. In Bergeijk we arrived again neatly on the route.

Along the way we passed two reconstructions of the Dead Wire shortly after each other.

In Ravels we have been shopping at the Aldi.

Even now the sky was overcast again, and just when we left the store it started to rain.

In the meantime I had entered into a conversation with a Dutch woman and that conversation was so long that it was dry again when I finished it.

From Ravels we quickly arrived in Baarle Nassau.

After we arrived there, the sky started to fall heavily again and it started to rumble. So we had to work hard to get everything dry in the tent again.

Fortunately it became dry and we could eat at the tent.

Now we are in the common room where the TV is turned on in the background on football ...