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Wednesday 14-08-2019

Yesterday evening Ernst and I looked at how we could shorten the route without shortening the Death Wire. With some puzzling I was able to pick up 10 km of the route by using a fast bike route in Antwerp. With some effort, I put the modified route in the Garmin.

The morning started very humid, the grass and the tents were very wet; we just packed them wet.

The ride went quite smoothly, and we quickly got to the cycle path over the Belslijntje from Baarle Nassau. We got on so fast that we immediately missed a turn! We arrived in Meer again via the junction route. We also got through on the way there, so now we saw even more of Meer. We immediately did our shopping there.

After having visited two reconstructions, we started following the new route. Somewhere near Kapelle we ended up on the F14, a cycle route. Well that was it! Within a short time we were in the Antwerp area. At Ekeren we have looked at the Hof Van Veldwijck castle

I saw that the route would come close to the Decathlon - that is a big store in all kinds of outdoor sports items, and that always attracts me. We also just went into the store.

After the shop visit, where we didn't buy anything, we went further into Antwerp. It was now evening rush hour and I was happy that I was on the bike! Via a number of bridges we arrived at the LF2 / Fr10 cycle route that runs almost along the banks of the Scheldt.

Everything cycled so well that we almost cycled past a turn - the turn to the Sint-Anna tunnel. With some help we came to the right entrance, and in a full cabin we dropped 31 meters.

The tunnel was a fairly narrow, round, tiled tube. On the other hand there was another lift that went from 31 meters to 0 meters again.

On the left bank we continued our route to the Molen campsite. Man, man, man what a gribus that was! The reception was already closed, and a regular camping guest told us that we only had to find a place.

After a tour of the site we went to the best place in our eyes. We quickly set up the tents and made food quickly. Occasionally it was splattering.

When everything in and around the tent was in order, it started to rain. Ernst and I each sat down in our own tent, and went to bed early. Because of the rain and the dirty toilet blocks, nothing came of showering.

Due to the rain that tumbled on the tents, we were immediately bothered by the noise at the campsite and the noise of the festival on the other side of the Scheldt.