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Thursday, 8/15/2019

This morning we were both up on time. In the dirty toilet building we have "freshened up".

Afterwards we packed and charged most things wet again. Until we left the campsite it was dry. From that moment it started to rain; sometimes hard, sometimes soft sometimes not and that is rock hard.

In the rain we drove out of Antwerp in the direction of the harbor. We did some shopping in Kalo.

Then came the port area. It is surreal how full of big industry it is, and how few people you see. Very impressive. Fortunately there were always bike paths.

Via the cycle paths we came to the town of Doel; nowadays largely uninhabited, because it has been waiting for years for the expansion of the port of Antwerp.

A surrealistic face; densely nailed houses with densely grown front gardens, many walls with graffiti. A very single house is inhabited.

After the town of Doel we arrived at the Doel nuclear power plant. There are four domes, such as the Borsele nuclear power plant.

You can always see the cooling towers when you drive over the A58 Zeeland. This was the reason to take a closer look at them.

After the power station we also came across a reference to a war memorial; there we went to have a look. The monument appeared to be on the dike at the Doel power plant. A contrast from then and now: a monument for historical acts, on the threshold of the nuclear power plant, with a view of a huge container terminal.

From the power station we went in the direction of Hulst.

The wind was strong, and close to Hulst we had a good look at the route again. There would no longer be any real reconstructions, so we made a shorter route again.

Mostly against the wind, we still drove quite quickly to the campsite in Westdorpe.

We were warmly welcomed there, and were given an explanation of the buildings on the list of monuments. The barns were around 400 years old. In one of them, which, at first glance, looked quite run-down, were the sanitary facilities. These were, in spite of the exterior of the barn, a true luxury!

We first set up the tents, and opened them well so that they could dry.

While they were drying, we went to take a shower and put on clean clothes, and when they were well dry, we re-arranged everything.

Then it was time to cook.

After dinner, I went to work with the daily administration: preparing cards for the next day, and typing the reports about yesterday and today.