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Thursday, August 6

We left around seven o'clock this morning. I cycled from the Jazz route to the meanderlaan flat to pick up Ernst.

 Then we went through Middelburg towards Gapinge. Via the Snouk Hourgonjeweg we drove to Vrouwenpolder. We came to Noord Beveland via the Veersegatdam. You will not see much of that, because a little later you will arrive at the Oosterscheldekering.

We took the first break at Neeltje Jans.

We crossed Schouwen Duiveland diagonally via the shortest way to get to the Brouwersdam.

It was already very busy on the dam, because the weather was going to be very nice and very hot.

The route over Goeree-Overflakkee was also as quick as possible to get to the Haringvlietdam.

In fact, it went so smoothly that Voorne Putten and the rest of the trip was covered in no time.

We arrived in Brielle via the town of Vierpolders.

On the way to the campsite we passed the AH. We did the necessary daily shopping there.

We arrived at the campsite around one o'clock.

After we had gotten a place on the passers-by field, we set up tents at leisure.

After taking a shower, we went to the shade.

Slowly typing and cooking dinner. We had already covered 82 km on this hot day.

We expected a quiet night, but that was disappointing. Many people on the passers-by field camped for the first time and did not know how to take the neighbours into account.