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Friday, August 7


This morning we were up around 6am. The night was very noisy with all those starting campers not realizing the impact of talking at half past twelve on your immediate neighbors.

You won't find silent like at Riestenblik anywhere.

We are at ease, without really being quiet, have breakfast and pack.

At eight o'clock we were ready to leave.

We cycled to Rozenburg and sailed directly on the ferry to Maasluis. Different with mouth masks and or buy the ticket from the machine.

We drove into Delftland through Maassluis.

There was a problem because a self-service spring was attached to the chain. Because of the Corona. We therefore had to make a detour for about 4 km. A passing recumbent explained to us how to ride.

It is a beautiful landscape but there are very few trees. So the sun had free rein and we got very hot.

Fortunately, at Delft the route went through some more tree-lined avenues and we therefore sat on a bench to cool off.

From Delft it went to Leiden. We crossed part of the center. We passed the mill "de Heesterboom".

We took the cycle paths parallel to the A44 in the direction of the Haarlemmermeer polder. We took a break in the shade at the bridge over the main canal.

Via Abbenes we drove to Nieuw Vennep

In Nieuw Vennep I got a flat tire and while I was going to fix it, Ernst had gone for cold drinks. That certainly came in handy.

After Nieuw Vennep and Hoofddorp the route went in the direction of Haarlem.

In Vijfhuizen we did the normal daily shopping for beer, bread, toe and nuts.

Then it went past Haarlem and through Haarlemmerliede into an old piece of polder.

Fortunately, we soon arrived at the Blauhek campsite near Spaarnewouden.

We have set up the tents in the shade and the daily ritual after a cycling day is "finished" again

It was a long cycling day of 96 km.