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Sunday 9-8-2020

This morning we didn't have to get up early again because we had to take the 12.45 pm boat from Enkhuizen.

Early on it was warm and damp again. Breakfast and packing went quickly. Therefore we were already on the bike at 09.45.

The ride to Enkhuizen was also fast so that we were already at the dock for the boat around 11 a.m. We have deposited the bikes at the dock in good faith.

We went to see the harbor of Enkhuizen.

At a fish restaurant we have had a kibbeling with coffee.

We were the first to board at 12.15.

After we had put down the bikes we were pointed to a spot on the lower deck.

The boat was full so after us more travelers, also with bicycles, had to get on the boat.

The crossing went smoothly and we were in Stavoren in 80 minutes. We were also the first to get off the boat. In Stavoren we first went to score a few postcards.

Then the plodding through Gaasterland started. Warm, headwind and hilly. It didn't go smoothly.

In Sint Nicolaasga we did some shopping at the Jumbo.

From there it went quickly to Langweer. The campsite was in the village on the water.

After we got a place, we quickly made camp and took a shower.

When we were refreshed we went to get chips in the village.

After dinner we had a look around