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Monday, August 10

This morning we were up early. Breakfast, packing and charging went quickly and therefore we started at 8.20 am.

It was soon warm. The route to Veenhuizen ran along Joure, through part of Heereveen and along many peat canals.

On the way we did some shopping at the Aldi in Gorredijke.

Around two o'clock we arrived after more than 60 km at Veenhuizen. We ate something on the grass under an old beech tree.

Then we cycled to the point where we would pick up the 0-NAP route. That route was the goal of this cycling holiday.

You would think that it would be tad flat and would only be at a height in the landscape. Well, no. It went up and down through the forests around the Foechtelöerveen. It was very difficult with the broken rear spring; you cannot apply force and you are even more unstable at a low speed, such as at a start. I fell twice.

We cycled in the sun on the heather fields. This made it very hot. That also made cycling difficult.

Just on the last part I also got a flat front tire.

Eventually we reached the campsite at Oude Willem and we did the usual things like showering and eating again.