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Tuesday, August 11

This morning we were awake again around 6am. We were having breakfast around seven o'clock. It was already getting warm again. We left the campsite around 09.00. We were back on the road quickly on the LF9.

Cycling through Drenthe and not encountering a Hunnenbed is of course not possible

Fortunately, the LF9 went through Nijeveen, where the Nazca recumbent bike shop and workshop are located along the route. I had already contacted them via the website about a different spring for my recumbent bike.

We could not mount the spring underneath and we were therefore sent to the station bicycle repair shop in Meppel.

First we did some shopping at the local super: cold fruit juice, fresh fruit salad from the fridge and some sandwiches. After eating and drinking in the shade and calling the bicycle repair shop, we cycled to Meppel.

In Meppel it took a while to get to the station. A few things had been broken up and the route had been diverted.

I unloaded my bicycle at the bicycle repair shop and was allowed to lift the bicycle with a bicycle lift. For € 5 I used the tool and put the spring underneath.

Then it was work again to charge the bicycle and get it up from the cellar / bicycle shed.

It took a while to get back to the LF9. When we were almost out of town, we found that we were driving in exactly the wrong direction. We are therefore turned around again.

Just before we left Meppel we had lunch in a park.

On departure it turned out that my front tire was flat again. The inner tube was quickly changed with the new inner tube we just bought from Nazca.

Eventually we managed to wrestle Meppel out and drove along the Meppeldiep in the direction of the small town of Zwartsluis; you shouldn't blink or you'd be out before you really mind.

On one part we passed a sign that said farm ice cream was being sold. That seemed like something to us. We each ate two tubs of ice to cool down.

After Zwartewatersklooster we arrived at Hasselt. There Ernst got his umpteenth flat tire. To have support when changing tires, we had put the bicycle against a pole in the yard of a company. While we were at it, the woman came out. She wondered why we hadn't moved on to work in the shadows. I said there was a sign at the post saying that entering the yard would be at your own risk and that we were almost done. To help us, she offered bottles of cold water. Well, they were welcome. We were allowed to wash our hands in the workshop.

Then we cycled towards Zwolle. In sight of the harbor I got another flat tire.

In the end we were quite late at the campsite. We showered and eaten and were back on time