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Wednesday, August 12

We overslept this morning; because of the update on Ernst's phone, Ernst's wake had not gone off. WE WAS UP JUST AT 6.45.

Next to us was a very special camper; a converted army truck. Due to the corona, the owners now stayed in the Netherlands. But other years they had made trips with it through the Sahara.

Despite getting up late, we left the campsite at 8:45 am after checkout. We drove in the direction of Zwolle and went through part of the center, to pass under the railway at the station. Lots of 19th century houses and canals of the fortifications. Via some newer neighborhoods we drove out of the city to the "small ferry"

That had just started sailing and transferred us to Hattum.

We went through Hattum. We bought a new batch of tire patches there. A little further on we bought some food and drink.

Just outside Hattum we had something to eat and drink. Then we moved into the edge of the Veluwe and we came across places like Wezep and Oldenbroek.

Eventually we went to Flevoland via Elburg Vesting.

We drove to Zeewolde along the dike of Flevoland. There we did some shopping at the AH.

From there we drove to the Staatsbosbeheer site.

Our spot is right in the sun, so we sit under a tree in the shade, after we have set up the tents.