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Friday, August 14

This morning the alarm went off again at 6:00. Half an hour later the table was set and we could have breakfast. Quarter to nine we started again. We drove through the river land to Gorinchem.

There we had to wait for the ferry to Woudrichem. In the meantime I went shopping to get something to eat and drink.

The ferry left around 10.15 in the direction of Woudrichem.

We entered the town through the city gate. Once outside the town we drove through the land of Altena to Dussen.

We took another break at the castle of Dussen.

Then we drove to the ferry from Dussen to "Sprang-Capelle" and with that we ended up in Brabant. We drove to Breda via the Langstraat. During the trip through Breda we did some shopping.

After Breda we finally arrived at our last campsite south of Etten-Leur. While setting up the tents, a  rain shower broke out and we quickly put up the tents. Today  we have made sure that we were at the restaurant on time.

After dinner it was dry again and we sat in front of the tents for a while with a beer, book and nuts.