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Wednesday, 18-08-2021

This morning it was a quiet start; Ernst was with us around nine o'clock. We loaded the stuff for his luggage carrier onto his bike with us. My bike was already ready.

We went cycling just after nine o'clock. It was a very well-known route that we took. We have cycled to the north a number of times, more or less along the LF1, the North Sea route. So there was not much news to see.

At Neeltje Jans we had our first break. Then we stopped at the beginning of the Brouwersdam to have something to eat.

It stayed dry with the occasional sun. Excellent cycling weather.

In Goederede we did some shopping at the Spar. The same as always: bread, beer, nuts and dessert.

After Goederede we drove to the Haringvliet locks. Just before the Haringvliet locks, we stopped to have a look at a company that rents out 2CVs. Unfortunately it was closed.

Via the Haringvliet locks we were soon at Voorne and at the campsite in no time.

We got a kind of hiker's place, near the toilets. The tents were quickly erected and the showers were easily found.

After a shower, the routine was quickly back. 'Cooking' food, typing a daily report, sitting down with a beer and nut and a book and then going to bed on time.

Tired but satisfied after 73.5 km