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Thursday, 19-08-2021

This morning we woke up around seven. We had both slept quite well. After the extensive breakfast we started packing again. We left the campground around 9:00 AM.

The tour continued through the dune area of ​​Voorne. They are old dunes where agriculture also takes place and there are some forests.

Just before the Maasvlakte, the Maasroute branched off from the Coastal route. We had chosen the southern variant along Brielle, Zwartewaal, Heenvliet and Geervliet Naar Spijkenisse.

The café-restaurant in Brielle was already open and we had coffee with apple pie, just like in 2007.

It drizzled a bit on the way. Not so hard that you really got wet, but at Spijkenisse we put on our raincoats anyway.

On the way from Spijkenisse to Barendrecht we ate our sandwiches in the rain.

It continued to rain on and off until we went shopping in Barendrecht.

In Barendrecht we first went to do our daily shopping in a shopping center. Then we went to the Outdoor XL. It is a large camping market that advertises a lot aimed at outdoor sports. A visit to this has been on my bucket list for a while.

The store was a bit disappointing and the only thing we bought is a bag of Adventurefood.

After the Outdoor XL we went back to the banks of the Meuse. Just before the campsite we crossed the Maasoever Railway.

A model railway on a fairly large scale; 1 in 3 to 1 in 20. The bells were ringing and the red light was flashing announcing that a train was coming. A model of the DB V200 pulled a number of wagons across the level crossing. Soon we were able to continue.

After that we were soon at the campsite. The discussed spot was on a headland, right in the wind. Moreover, it was also very far from the toilet block. Luckily we got another spot. More sheltered and also with electricity. Very quiet because we had the large field to ourselves!

We quickly had the tents up again so that we could quickly rinse ourselves clean.

Soon 'cooking food', relaxing and back to bed on time.