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Friday, 20-08-2021

This morning it was dry and nice weather. We got up quietly and were off the campsite around 9.30 am.

The weather was really nice all day.

When we arrived at the Puttershoek ferry, it turned out not to sail after 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm. That was a disappointment, because we were looking forward to our first ferry crossing

We took a different route via the junctions and eventually came under Dordrecht and ended up back on the track.

From Dordrecht we drove along the South Holland Biesbosch. At 'the head of the country' we crossed the ferry to the Brabantse Biesbosch.

We ate our bread on the Brabant side.

Via the Biesbosch we drove to Werkendam. We did our daily shopping there.

Then we were quickly in Woudrichem at the campsite. We quickly set up the tents and freshened up.

When we got back to the tent we found out that we had got a neighbor. A German with an electric bicycle and a 'bicycle caravan'

After getting acquainted for a while, we walked into the city looking for postcards. We walked all over town for that. But Woudrichem is so small that you can easily do it in half an hour.

When we came back from the city it turned out that a Belgian had arrived. This one traveled in a much lighter way than the German. Everything was attached to the frame and handlebars: BikePacking. A small tent and a lot of little. Nice that the two extremes in cycling trips were next to each other.

We still do it in a fairly luxurious and relaxed way.

We first did the administration of the day and wrote the cards. Then we talked to our neighbors.

Ernst went to post the cards and I got dinner ready.

After dinner we relaxed for a while.