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Saturday, 21-08-2021

This morning we were up and about at our usual time and started cleaning up and having breakfast.

Our two neighbors left much faster than we did, but they didn't have breakfast either. They were going to do that on the way.

We picked up the route outside the campsite and cycled around the city to the harbor. There was a wedding in preparation. Promptly I missed the turn and after a quick conversation with the bride I had to make sure that I would follow Ernst again. A little further up was a nice old truck.

Via the center of Woudrichem we arrived at the location of the bicycle-foot-ferry to Loevestein Castle. We had to wait there, because it wouldn't sail until ten o'clock. Detouring wasn't an option either, so we waited.

On the other side we soon passed the castle and again entered a swampy area along the Maas.

There we met the wedding procession again and we waved to each other. At the front, the truck drove with the wedding couple in the cabin.

We passed Bern via small dikes. Again you are past it or through it before you know it.

Immediately over the dike we had taken the ferry from Bern to Herpt. An electric cable spring for cyclists and foot passengers.

Four kilometers further on, another ferry crosses the Bergse Maas. This ferry was also for cars.

On the Brabant side of the Maas we drove in the direction of 's Hertogenbosch. At Crevecoeur we crossed the Maas over the old bridge to Hedel.

From Hedel we drove directly to Rossum via the provincial road. Since Ernst had difficulty with the muscles, this seemed justified; cut off a bit.

In Rossum we got something to drink and snack. There we picked up the track again.

We followed the track well to Afferden because it was the shortest and quietest route.

At Dirk, Bregje and Millie we were welcomed with a drink, a nice shower and good food!

Now take a break