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Sunday, 22-08-2021

As it should be on a Sunday, we “slept in”. I wasn't awake until 8.30am and Ernst at 9.00am. We had an extensive breakfast with Millie, Bregje and Dirk. Everything went smoothly so that we finally left at 11.30.

We cycled through the land of Maas and Waal in the direction of Niftrik. There we would take the bridge over the Maas to rejoin the route.

Before the bridge there was a sign that referred to a bicycle-foot-spring and that seemed better than a long ramp on the bicycles over the bridge. It was also a bit shorter.

After the ferry we followed the Maas route again.

In Grave we went shopping at the Albert Heijn and had lunch.

After Grave we cycled along the Maas to Cuijk. There we did the daily shopping of the day at Lidl.

At Cuijk we took the ferry across the Maas.

Via a small detour we arrived at the campsite at Plasmolen. We could choose from a number of places and we took advantage of that. In our opinion the best place.

The sky was already threatening; a thunderstorm was announced with code orange.

Soon we will have dinner in the cafeteria of the campsite and then we'll see when the storm breaks.....