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Monday, 08/23/2021

It rained on and off last night and even when Ernst's alarm went off it was raining. Fortunately it has become dry, so we could have a dry breakfast and pack.

At 9.20 we left the campsite again and went back to the Meuse route. We left the route at Gennep to mainly pass the wrong Afferden.

Afferden was on the other side of a busy road. We have been satisfied with a traffic sign.

From Afferden we immediately had our first ferry of the day: a bicycle-foot-ferry to Sambeek. On the other side we picked up the Maas route again and then took the ferry to Bergen at Vierlingsbeek.

On the way we saw how high the water had been. The plants were covered in mud tracks. Part of the bike path was still covered in a whole layer of slippery mud.

Because it was so slippery, we always got off at such a slippery part. At the last part my bike slipped and the panniers were covered in mud.

We crossed the Maas twice with a ferry. The last time at Arcen.

Immediately after the ferry was the Hartog Jan brewery. Strange idea that beer is made in Limburg with the name of Hertog Jan van Brabant.

In Arcen we did our daily shopping.

We then drove from Arcen to the campsite in Velden via the shortest route.

This consists of a collection of authentic-looking buildings and the sanitary facilities are also full of nostalgia. It does have a high Efteling quality.

We set up our tents again and did the things of the day.

At one point, high in the sky, we saw a large flock of storks hovering on the thermals and moving south

Soon 'cooking food' and relaxing.