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Tuesday, 24-08-2021

This morning we woke up on time after a good night. It was clear last night and therefore quite cool. But you do sleep well.

In addition, for once there was no noise from traffic.

At our leisure we went to have breakfast, clean up and recharge and at 9.20 we drove off the campsite.

We continued the Maas route until we arrived in Venlo.

There we picked up the LF13b, the Scheldt Rhine Route. That route is an old acquaintance of Dirk, Maaike and me. Now also from Ernst. We crossed the Meuse along the track.


In Maasbree we did some shopping. We should have already done that in Blerick, but the AH there no longer existed.

Winding through the Limburg and later also Brabant country, we drove in the direction of Asten.

Due to unfortunate circumstances Ernst's top chain tube came loose, putting the chain in places it didn't belong. With bad tie-wraps we kept tightening the tube, but it didn't inspire confidence. Especially since it happened twice in a row

After Asten, the landscape increasingly became the landscape of my youth.

Finally we arrived in Mierlo and we did the daily shopping. Ernst has bought even better tie wraps from Hema.

After shopping we drove to the campsite. We got a place on the tractor field. Not that it is urgent, because we are, so far, the only one.

With the purchased tie-wraps we have secured the chain tubes better. It became clear that the chain tubes really needed to be replaced.

After showering and doing the laundry, we sat down for a while, until of course we started cooking creatively with adventure food again.

After eating and washing up, the other groceries are finished. It was a very clear night