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Wednesday, 25-08-2021

Last night it was very cold. When I got up I checked the temperature on my odometer. It turned out to be just under 8°C. Fortunately, the sun came up soon and it got a bit better.

During the night it had also been very cold in the summer sleeping bag.

At ease we did the things of the day and around 9.10 we drove off the campsite.

We first went to Nuenen and drove past the 'van Lenthof'.

Then we drove through some country roads to the City of Gerven where we followed the cycle path along the Wilhelmina Canal. At Son, the route was initiated via the Son signs. That's how we passed the Jumbo. We went there for some snacks and drinks.

We drove back to the canal and just followed the bike path. At the first best bench we sat down with the just bought goodies and a drink.

We alternated between one and the other side of the canal until Oirschot. Then the route led us further west again.

Just before Diessen we had 'lunch' on a bench in the shade.

In Diessen the road was broken up and we had to walk along that broken road for a while. Outside Diessen we went cycling again to Hilvarenbeek.

The route ran straight through the center of Hilvarenbeek, along the old lime tree. Unfortunately it was very busy and the traffic a bit chaotic. So we didn't go to see the lime

The route continued through the Gorp and Rovert estate. The road there is still only half paved and has many potholes. Then you can't drive well.

We did our shopping at the Plus in Alphen.

After Alphen, not much of the track was right. Because of this we had to return several times to find a better way. A lot had changed on the cycling route in a short time and these changes were not yet in the track

Finally we came to a really beautiful new cycle path that, in the end, ran right past the campsite!

When we got there we got a pitch. We've done the usual stuff again. The laundry is hanging to dry again and that's how we're going to 'make food'

We just hope it doesn't get that cold again tonight.....