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Thursday, 26-08-2021

Last night it had rained now and then. Luckily it was dry at breakfast, but while cleaning up it started to splash. The rest of the day was a mix of sun, gray skies and the occasional shower.

We left the campsite quite late: 9.30.

The route first went to Ulvenhout. There we bought some drinks and snacks at the AH.

Just outside Ulvenhout, near the bridge over the Mark, there was a couple in front of the bridge that we met five times on the route yesterday. A lavish greeting followed. On the other side was a man we had met before. He too was greeted.

After the valley of the Mark we went to the Mastbos. The LF13 had moved since 2012, but the trails were still bad (even though they weren't underwater, like the last time I followed the route in 2012).

The route through the Mastbos was on sandy paths, which had clearly been broken by horses; lots of potholes and lots of loose sand.

But luckily that also came to an end and we were able to reach Rijsbergen via paved roads.

After Rijsbergen the route continued via semi-paved roads. Here, too, the pits were sometimes for figuring out or unavoidable.

Halfway through this part, at the black barn, we took a snack break.

Furthermore, the route went alternately through agricultural areas or forests.

Again along Herberg 'In de Anker', a border through Belgium, near Hoorendonk and through Nispen.

Outside Nispen, near the level crossing of the railway from Roosendaal to Antwerp, there was a picnic spot. There we went to have lunch. We had just sat down when the lone cyclist came by. Before we knew it we were talking at length with each other and the bread had been forgotten. We spent at least half an hour chatting about cycling trips and the fun we get from it.

He left again to spend the night at Kruiningen.

I finally finished my bread and who stopped then? The married couple! We also had a nice chat with them. They would spend the night in Hoogerheide today.

After Nispen I had changed the route to drive into Zeeland in a different way. Via Huijbergen, Hoogerheide and Woensdrecht we returned to the LF13.

In Woensdrecht there was a nasty climb near a monument with a Sherman tank. The slope was so steep that we still had to walk. We took a pee break just before we left Woensdrecht.

Then it was on the LF13 to Bath. There we continued to Rilland instead of over the Scheldt dike. The dike is for tomorrow.

 In Rilland we did some shopping and we continued to the campsite.

We have a small place to stand and we have put the tents with 'the butt' in the wind. Fortunately we were allowed to use the gypsy wagon to sit dry and out of the wind.

I did the 'administration' in the pipowagen. I have already arranged the tickets and admission time for the liberation museum in Nieuwland via the internet.

Soon 'cooking food' at the tents and eating in the pipowagen and relaxing.