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Friday, 27-08-2021

The alarm went off again at 6.30 and we got up at our leisure and had breakfast. While packing, a neighbor from a camper came up to me with two boiled eggs and a sachet of salt; “for breakfast or on the go”. I gratefully accepted it! Yesterday I had already talked to her and her husband from time to time.

After everything was charged again, we drove from the campsite at 9.20 am.

The route went to the west and now and then we suffered from the strong northwest wind.

Fortunately, part of the route went over the cycle path on the outside of the dike and we cycled in the shelter of the dike.

In Kruiningen we did some shopping at the Coop. We then drove on to Hansweert. There we ate the snacks on the dike in the sun.

At 's Gravenpolder the route went more inland. In Nisse, for example, we passed a country shop where they sold farmer's ice creams. Reason to stop. Just before noon closing time, we stepped inside. We both took a cone of strawberry and blackcurrant.

When we stepped outside licking we were approached by a woman on a bicycle. She was cycling the LF13 to Brabant and wondered if the route would continue like this. After missing a sign, she wasn't sure if she was right again.

Turns out she had a beautiful Vittoria custom made for her. Then she had made a world trip 20 years ago with her former boyfriend.

She had been living in Nieuw- en st. Joosland and she was on her way to Bosschenhoofd. (with her dog on the back of the bicycle in a basket.

She also said that she had left the spaghetti she had prepared in the fridge in the fridge and went out for dinner. Ernst had two Adventure food bags left and gave her one.

We arrived in Nieuwland just in time to enter the liberation museum. We took the time to walk through the museum and saw, heard and read a lot about the battle of the Scheldt.

On the outside area we were also able to view a number of bunkers, coastal defenses and weaponry.

At 15.30 we came outside and first we had a late lunch with the two eggs. While we were sitting on the bench, the director of the museum came by and greeted us. I immediately complimented the great development the museum had gone through.

After lunch we got back on the bike and after an hour we came home again.

Liesbeth was already waiting for us. It was also nice to come home.

We unloaded the bikes, took a shower and had a delicious meal.

After dinner Ernst rode home by bike and I brought his duffel bag by car. This made it easier for him to enter the elevator with the loaded bicycle and through the swinging door.

It only remains for us to clean and tidy up the stuff……