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Wednesday, 03-07-2013

This morning started with rain and therefore I postponed my departure. Not at seven, not at half past seven, but it was half past eight.

In light rain and the occasional hard rain I cycled through Middelburg. The first bit with my neighbor.; She had to go to her work.

I like the new bike: it is faster than its predecessors, will cycle delicious and relaxed.

The speed was much higher than last year or the year before, of course, ... ...

In the end of the day the average was about 21 km/hour; Not bad.

The trip went so smoothly that I after five hours of cycling at the camp site in Hook of Holland. (if you have the breaks does not count)

I followed more or less the LF 1 with some freedoms. I didn't feel like in the steep dunes of last year and thought to have found a flatter route. I took a shortcut on Schouwen and that was not entirely without consequences..

When I got tout of the village from Haamstede, there was a cattle grid just not straight on the actual route. Because you can’t cross diagonal and those things are slippery when, I went down ugly. On the other side of the cattle grid I was landed, to make matters worse, also in the middle of a puddle of water. My jacket was at the elbow torn, but my elbow beneath also.

I am glad I don’t just have cycling tools,  but also a genuine FIRST AID kit. That came in handy. With three plasters on my elbow was the leak more or less stemmed. Next to my elbow my pride was also hurt , but with some savory biscuits and a sip of water that was again mended; the journey continued.

Occasionally it was drizzling or rained hard, but fortunately the weather was improving during the day.

On the Haringvliet locks, just like last year, I had lunch. After 72 km I really needed the food.

On Voorne-Putten, I again followed the route from Voorne to the Maasvlakte. It is a very big contrast if you see the heavy  industry on the Maasvlakte before you

and behind you the beautiful dunes of Voorne with dune roses and all hands beautiful wild flowers.

On the Maasvlakte I had the fast ferry of half past two. However, it was a replacement boat that went really not as fast as last year.

I arrived half past four at the campsite. This time I chose to field near the toilet building. There were already two young men from Bristol. I had a chat with them right away. They told me they had crossed from Plymouth to France's and cycled along the coast to Hook of Holland.

I first set up the tent. That was of course a piece of cake with the new tent.

After that, I went shopping: bread for two days and cans of beer.

Then I used the shower and my cleaned my elbow good.

I had just returned from the shower, when a man from Switzerland arrived. He is 73 and cycled Basel, along the Rhine to the mouth in sea. I also had a chat with him.

While I was typing on my Tataljee chair a Dutch couple on a tandem arrived. They cycle more or less the tour of Netherlands in the opposite direction

After typing I prepared my food on my ' new ' MSR GKX II stove. It is my third new addition to the cycling holidays. It is a smaller stove, but makes more noise. I have the idea that if you put it wrong side up, the thing, with fuel bottle and all, takes off and orbits itself around the Earth.

But the food was good (tender, tasty and just enough)