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Friday, 05-07-2013

This morning I was awakened by a choir of bird. Last night I went to sleep with a bird choir; during the night the frogs made their choir and I was wakened by the birds again. It was so silent that the sound of the frogs and birds was deafening.. At half past seven I was woke up and came out of the tent.

After I washed at the pump, I pack up. I had already figured out last night that the steep dike was not to be climbed with the bike and luggage. My way out was by a mud path, at the foot of the dike.

After 500 meters ' mu trotting', I came at the end of the path on the road.

I have tried to clean my shoes of the mud. When started out I tried to push myself forward but in stead of going forward with the bike I pushed my seat back down again.

I drove to Dirk his new studio. With the seat in the low setting, it didn’t went nicely. Looking on the map I thought it would be a kilometer or fifteen, twenty; it was there almost thirty.

At Dirk I've looked at the new studio and what was needed for the move on Monday. I've had coffee and two buns. (Well I had all time.) I have made acquaintance with German Dennis; a classmate of Dirk. Over the past year, Dennis, Dirk and Sidney (a Filipino boy from Australia) have done a lot of things together.

Dirk told me that his group had won two of the three prizes in the Game Release Party and that his final figure for gamelab was a ten. (for the ones not familiar with this kind of grading: a A+) Now they were hoping for a stand for their game at a trade show in Germany . Gamescom in Koln(it has happened!)

I followed the trak I had made to and from Dirk's flat to the LF13.

Before I left Breda I bought some nuts and bolts at the Hubo. I want to try something with the seat of the recumbent. I hope to avoid getting the seat down again.

In Nispen I did some shopping in the supermarket I mostly use riding the LF13.

After Nispen I had to cycle 10 km to find a place for the lunch. That I found a bench near Wouwse plantage.

I had the six slices of bread and a liter of orange juice..

Next came the LF13 I in Rilland on the campsite Hof Maire. I was recognized, even though it was a few years since I have been there.

Tent set up, bike seat put back up again, and have a nice shaving and showering. Then cook dinner and do the ' accounting '. While I was working, I thought I still had not purchased bread for the next day.

I asked what the possibilities were. I heard that the Sparshop was still open.

I hoped  on the bike and a bought half a bread for tomorrow.

After I came back I had a chat with neighbors. They are also bicycle campers and they just arrived from Walcheren today. Now the sun slowly going under and I'm going to stop.