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Saturday, 06-07-2013

This morning I was up at half past six and I had breakfast and cleaned up. The tent was soaking wet from the dew. Unfortunately the Sun did not shine on my tent.

I was hoping I could pack up the tent as dry as possible.

I therefore made a chat here and there. One with a backpack walker who come last night. She was in the process of getting a piece of the border route to walk. We have exchanged experiences.

In the end I packed a still wet tent and at ten to nine (lag) I was sitting on the bike. With the seat up again it cycled delicious and went very smoothly. Just before Kloetinge I drove wrong and I didn't want to cycle back to the track. In the GPS I looked how I could get back on the route again. It was through Kapelle and then by/along the Goese-Meren to Wilhelminadorp.

That was successful. I have been sitting in Wilhelminadorp, eating some cookies and drinking water.

Then I but by cycled.

So I was back at home at ten to twelve, three hours after I started in Rilland.

My over-all average of the four days is 19.99 km/hour; Not bad!

The bags are unpacked again and the tent is dry and clean. I'm looking for other pegs. The pegs that came with the tent, are so weak, that they even ben  in a soft ground. These four days I had  no hard soil, but plenty of curve pegs.