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Thursday 10-08-2018

I left before Liesbeth went to work, so she could take some pictures.

Because of her back pain that was not easy, while I wanted to get a ferry.

I had the boat from 07:18 from Vlissingen. It was very quiet on the boat. As usual, I have fixed my bike as well as possible and wanted to take some pictures on the back deck. During the crossing I talked to the chief engineer. Because of the conversation I made few pictures and the other side was also reached quickly!

In Breskens I easily arrived on my planned route. I followed the main road (N61) towards IJzendijke. After Schoondijke I was deflected more to the south. That's how I passed Turkeye. This is a hamlet of ten houses.

I came to Waterland-Oudeman through some dykes. Here I crossed the border between the Netherlands and Belgium for the first time during this trip.

On beautiful country roads I came to Eeklo on the towpath along the canal of Schipdonk. You can drive on a towpath.

Where the canal connects to the canal from Ghent to Bruges, I had to detour for a bit and then to get back to the towpaths of the Van der Leie canal. I followed this channel to Zulte.

From Zulte I drove to Waregem. I ended up on a former railway track. That also runs wonderfully again. But it gradually became time to have lunch, so at a bench that stood next to the route, I went to dinner. It started to rain during lunch

After Waregem the route continued on beautiful country roads. Gradually I had to climb a bit to reach the valley of the Scheldt. Through places like Ingooigem, Otegen and Avelgem I arrived at the Scheldt. There I came out on the right bank of the Scheldt on a stretch of the route that I had driven last year. I also immediately crossed the language border and, with a weather-like view of the Kluisberg, I came to Wallonia. On the right bank you do not cycle along the Scheldt, but along l 'Escaut.

On the right side are many large trees. So you drive less in the rain and more in the drip.

The Scheldt is navigable by all kinds of dams and locks. At one of the locks I once looked at the locking of a boat. You can see these images at any river in Belgium and Northern France.

In the rain I cycled on to Tournai. This is how I came across the water gate from the other side this year.

The route through the city was fairly steep and smooth stones. That is why I have finished and walked.

Around three o'clock I was at the youth hostel. The same man as last year was smoking outside. I complained that every time I came to Tournai by bike, it rained. Well everything in French of course!

At check-in I received money back because I was a member of the Dutch Youth Hostel Central. I immediately used that to grab a local pint.

My room is at the back of the inn. There are two bunk beds. In the room I had a private shower and sink. I only had to share the toilet with others in the corridor.

First I hung everything as well as possible to dry and then I went to shower.

Then I started typing the daily report on the laptop. This again formed the basis for this report.

After all the typing and organizing work, I went to dinner.

A whole day outside and moving makes you tired. I was there early.

My odometer indicated that I drove 126.65 km this day. According to the GPS I have covered 131 km. This also includes the ferry crossing from Vlissingen to Breskens.