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Tuesday 17-09-2004

We had a bit of trouble starting: Dirk forgot to take of the slot so it curled in the wheel. We missed the ferry in Vlissingen and had to wait till 11.50. We arrived in Breskens at 12.15.

Our route went along Boerenhol, Groede to Sluis. There we had a lunch break.

It went quite fast on the recumbentbikes, so we arrived in time for boarding in Zeebrugge.

For our cabin we got special cardboard keys with a magnetic strip on it. First we thought we had the hut for just the two of us, but later on we learned we had to share the cabin with two more people

At 18.00 hours or 17.00 hours ship time the ship departed Zeebrugge and during the night it went to Rosyth. We just slept...

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