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Wednesday 18-08-2004

Although on board of a moving boat we slept really nice.

It was raining when we woke up. We went for the breakfast buffet. We stacked our plates real high: we planned to do some serious biking later on that day.

After breakfast we just hanged around waiting for arrival. The deck was way to wet.

First sight of Scotland was the Forth railbridge.

We arrived in Rosyth at 10.30. We first had to pack the bikes and put on our raingear.

The lookings at the bikes were surprised; they hadn't seen much recumbentbikes in these parts of the world.

We started out in the rain. First customs in the rain later on we had to drive left side in the rain. The route started climbing straight away. In the rain we struggled in to Dunfirmline and onwards it went. Sometimes on foot.

After Dunfermline we picked up the NR 1near Townhill. We followed this part of the big Nortsea route to Kinross at Loch Leven. There we had our first B&B: an old pub.

After we settled in we went for some sightseeing. The boat to the island in Loch Leven wasn't going due to the wind; pity.

That night we had our first Scottish experience: haggish. Nice food!

With a round belly we turned in for the night.

It was raining hard and there was a thunderstorm. So what?