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Thursday 19-08-2004

After we struggled with the shower, we had an early breakfast at 8 o'clock. Round 9 the bikes were packed and we were ready to go.

The day started dry and crisp. The rain and thunderstorm of yesterday forgotten. Even the sun was trying to brake trough the clouds.

First we had to find our way out of Kinross. After we picked up our route just outside the town we had to climb a bit. sometimes we had to walk again.

After we got on the top we had a nice ride down in the river Tay valley. Near the bridge over the river Tay we had a coffe brake.

After the brake it was just a short leg to Perth. The B&B address was soon found, but nobody was there. We just left our luggage in the dinningroom and went in town.

First to the Black Watch museum and, after a piece of pie, we went to do some shop seeing.

Though we got tired we returned to the B&B. there we learned that nobody expected us and there was no room booked. We had to go elsewhere. Just around the corner there was another B&B. There we found a room, but it was more expensive than planned.

That night we ate at the PizzaHut. Our eye was bigger than our stomage, so we took some slices home. The idea was to use them for lunch some day.