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Friday 20-08-2004

After a reasonable night with a lot of traffic noise we again had an extended breakfast. We learned that you can go a lot of miles/kilometres on an English breakfast! The pizza slices could be put in some plastic bags for later use. This day we still had some pies we bought in Kinross.

After we left Perth via the A85, we took a secondary road. This went trough Crief and Comrie to St. Fillans. The road was lightly climbing and during the trip the landscape got more rough.

From Comrie to St Fillans we used the A85 again. There was not much traffic on the road. Probably due to earthslides on Wednesday. These were triggered by the heavy rains on Tuesday and the thunderstorms during the night. We were hoping that our route wasn't blocked.

When we arrived in St Fillans we learned that the south road along Loch Earn was blocked. A river had washed away a bridge near the end of the Loch. We hoped to take the south road because there should be less traffic.

So we had to take the north side of the Loch. There still wasn't much traffic. At Loch Earn Head we turned south. The road to the north was blocked. Luckily it was all in the planning....

We crossed a small pass and noticed that we had climbed 190 metres during the day. It went downhill again to Strathyre.

In Strathyre we were welcome. It was very quit due to the landslides. We had a large room at Coira Buid Guesthouse. Strathyre is a narrow village along the road in a narrow valley. The B&B consisted of a few cottages put to gather in one building.

That night we ate at a small restaurant down the road and turned in early. We were tired after 79 kilometres up hill...