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Sunday 22-08-2004

We woke up early, had breakfast around 8 and left Stirling around 9. After some search we found the right road, the A905.

The road was quit flat so al went well till Grangemouth. On the A805 near Falkirk it started to get more hilly. After 30 kilometres the derailleur cable of Dirk's back derailleur broke. It was not possible to repair the cable, so we had to walk up hill and bike down. We decided to take the train in Linlithgow, because we nowhere found a bikerepairshop. In Edinburgh it was more plausible to find one.

With some trouble we toke the train to Edinburgh where we arrived around 12.

We walked to the Youth Hostel where we would stay for two nights. On the road to the Youth Hostel we found a bike repairshop. It was open on Sunday. Nice!

First we checked in at the Youth Hostel and unpacked the bikes. After that we walked to the repairshop. It would cost £10 to repair the bike. After that we went sight seeing in the town. Near the station we met a guy with a recumbentbike. We learned that normally there were 8 recumbents in Edinburough.

Back at the repairshop the bike was mended and we had a nice chat with the people of the shop.

We brought the bike back to the Youth Hostel and went for some shopping.

That night we ate fish and chips....