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Monday 23-08-2004

After being waked by our fellow roommates we had breakfast. Around 8.30 we walked in to town.

We did some shop seeing and went for the Scottish museum. It was free entrance. Nice; live is expansive as it is...

In about 2 hours we walked through the history of Scotland. and finished up on the roof. There we had a lovely sight of town.

After the museum we visited the graveyard Grey friars with a lot of old graves and a spooky story about ghosts.

Outside the graveyard  there was a small statue of a dog. It stayed on the grave of its master after he died and was buried till the dog died it self.

The centre was one big feast due to the festival.

We did some more shopping for breakfast next morning and returned to the Youth Hostel. There we learned that we had to change rooms. After rearranging our stuff we went for food in the monster mash. Nice food.

After dinner we turned in early.....