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Tuesday 24-08-2004

We had a terrible night due to the roommates. Around 8 o'clock we left for Rosyth. In the bikerepairshop they had pointed out a traffic free route out of Edinburgh. It was a good path. Till we got along the Queensferry road. There the path was rally narrow.

It went on and it was sometime choosing between the bushes or the hedge..

At a certain point we had a lovely view on the Forth bridge and de Forth Toll bridge.

Then my front tyre valve broke out and was not to be repaired.

I had to walk about 13 kilometres to the ship. I did it about 2 hours. In the mean while we SMS-ed to Holland to get a new tyre in Zeebrugge the next morning....

Sometimes in the rain sometimes dry we crossed the Toll bridge.

Around 13.00 we arrived at the terminal. We managed to get a cabin for just the two of us. Around 15.30 we were allowed to board the ship and we unpacked the luggage in the cabin. After a quick shower al was well.

We left Rosyth so went for a look around.

That night we ate our last pies and turned in early....