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Wednesday 24-08-2004

After a good night sleep we started packing the bags. Then we went for breakfast. Again we made it a big one: a good start for a day biking.

After we finished we looked for a place to wait for arrival in Zeebrugge. We had a place right in the front f the ship so we had a nice view entering the harbour of Zeebrugge.

After customs we went for the passenger terminal to wait for Liesbeth, Esther and a new inner tyre for my front wheel. I already undid the wheel so replacement would be a short trick.

Liesbeth and Esther soon arrived and the inner tyre was replaced in 10 minutes. The bike was right on its legs again.

First we had some coffee and a cook, then we were getting ready. Just when we thought we could start, was aloud hissing coming out the front tyre. It did it again! Due to tearings in the outer tyre the inner tyre was blown. The tearings were made by the long walk the day before. "#$#"_&%$#"!!!!!.

Now we had to look for a inner and outer tyre for the front wheel! Where in the world.....

Liesbeth and I took the car and went looking for a repairshop. At last we found one near the Dutch border. The hole for the valve had to be widened. So with a drill it was soon done. The pieces of metal were blown out by pressured air (we thought'

When we returned to the kids waiting in Zeebrugge al was done quickly. So after a long wait all was done.

Dirk and waved goodbye and started for Middelburg. Due to the really flat country we went very fast. In no time we were in Sluis again. There we ate some French fries.

Then onwards it went to Breskens. We just missed the ferry so we had to wait for the next one.

In Vlissingen we soon were on route for Middelburg.

A pity I got a flat tyre near Oost-Souburg; a small piece of metal had stayed behind after widening the valve hole........@#$$%^&%^%$$@@!!!!!!!!

With a bit of anger the tyre soon was to be mended and we arrived home...........